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Lee Fitzpatrick

Proud owner of Fitzthephotographer.

I am a son, brother,

uncle, loving husband

and a proud father to my beautiful son.

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I'm Lee,

A local portrait photographer based in Worthing West Sussex.

I have been learning the craft of photography for several years now and love the journey that it has taken me on.  I've gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of photography, whether its taking family portraits or capturing special moments while photographing a wedding that will be cherished forever.  


I feel I am growing not only as a photographer but as a person too.  I am fully self taught and have invested years, countless early mornings, long days and hours upon hours of training to allow me to gain the skills needed to create the images I do.  I pride myself on my final work and believe strongly that I will only deliver work that I would be happy to receive myself.


I shoot most of my photography using natural light in either in the comfort of my clients home or on location but I also have my own mobile studio lighting so can create stunning images using different lights and backdrops  to change the way an image can look.  Having an understanding of how light can be used to enhance an image can result in some truly powerful images.


I have years of experience in post processing, retouching and editing using software from Adobe including Light room and Photoshop allowing me to make each photo unique and remove unwanted distractions where needed.

Photography has shown me to not always focus on whats in front of you but also to find the more intimate details in a scene, enabling me to create wonderful images that can be enjoyed fro years to come.

If you would like me create or capture your memories for you and your loved ones then please feel free to get in touch 

I am more than happy to talk, answer questions or arrange a meeting to discuss your needs. 

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